LED Retail Canopy Lighting

LED Retail Canopy Lighting

Have you considered retrofitting your existing metal halide canopy lights? The time is now to take advantage of energy savings, utility rebates, zero maintenance, no re-lamping and a quick return on investment, typically less than three years! The LSI Legacy CRU and CRUS LED Canopy fixtures are the latest innovation in LED canopy lighting. They are purpose built, performance driven and are stunningly attractive.

LSI Purpose Built - FLat Lens - Ease of Installation

  • designed to replace the LSI Scottsdale - installs quickly into existing 4" hole without extra cutting, drilling or caulking
  • available in two sizes and lumens up to 23,523
  • CRU-203/4"x203/4" with range of 19,630-23,523 lumens
  • CRUS-15 15/16"x1515/16" with range of 10,871-13,554 Lumens
  • Great Labor Savings: One person installation - fastest, easiest installation in the marketplace
  • Order one part, no extra driver/junction box needed!
  • High Performance, Low Cost - most cost effective LED canopy fixture in the marketplace
  • Zero maintenance, never re-lamp again!

LSI Performance Driven

  • Highest Lumen per dollar - tremendous flexibility in how you light your site
  • choice of lumen packages - up to over 23,000 lumens
  • Better light distribution - more illumination on your dispensers
  • Designed for utility and/or DLC approval and rebate participation
  • Greater than 80% energy savings!

LSI Stunningly Attractive - Day and Night!

  • Extremely slim optical unit - flush look against the canopy
  • during the day the CRU disappears, assuring that attention goes to your marketing elements, not the canopy fixture
  • Full panel brilliance, properly scaled to your canopy, with no annoying gaps or glaring diode point sources