Lubrication Equipment

Pump & Meter Service offers one of the widest product varieties for lubrication equipment. We have worked with hundreds of lubrication customers over the years, so we know what products will work for you.

We offer above-ground tanks, underground tanks for product or waste, and waste oil piping. Tank manufacturers we represent are Containment Solutions, Dersen, and Lube Cube. We offer various models of product piping, air piping, spill prevention systems, waste oil suction systems, overhead reels, oil change racks, product dispensing equipment, oil filter crushers, and electronic inventory systems.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you are looking for quality, high-end automotive equipment, we offer a complete solution. By representing many vendors we are able to meet our different customers’ needs.

Graco® Matrix - Total Fluid Management

Matrix Total Fluid Management System provides automated tracking and monitoring plus state-of-the-art dispensing for complete control of your fluid inventory. Save time, gain billable hours and maximize your fixed operation's profitability with Matrix.

System components include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). Together, these components wirelessly talk to each other through an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenses, levels in bulk oil and waste tanks, plus much more!

Graco - Matrix Total Fuel Management System
  • Wireless transmission and reception of meter and tank level information make it simple to track your entire facility’s activities
  • Customize to fit your business–three product platforms (Basic, Professional, and Premie) to fit any size facility
  • Multi-level security to protect your assets
  • Precise measurement and control of fluids ensures profits and eliminates out of stock issues for critical inventory
  • ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds interfaces provide secure, reliable, data transfer between the Matrix database and the dealership management software
Graco Matrix Total Fluid Management (PDF)

Graco Matrix 2 Full Line System Design (PDF)