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Pump & Meter Service has been selling and installing petroleum products since the 1930's so its safe to say if you have a question about fueling station products we have the answers and the solutions your looking for.

We offer products that will allow us to be your one stop shop for fueling stations. From the tanks, to the piping, to the dispensers, to the auto canopy, to the lighting, to the fuel monitoring systems, to the point-of-sale electronic systems, we have you covered.


Having problems keeping up with the computer age? Since we have been in the industry from nearly the beginning we have seen many technologies evolve and can provide you with current information on the computerized products we offer to help get you up to speed.

We also offer customized training for products to help keep you up to date. It would also be hard not to talk about fueling products without mentioning that not only can we sell you the product but we also service the products we sell. This makes a single point of contact another benefit to you when purchasing products from Pump & Meter Service.